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  1. The sweetness of honey in this glaze adds a great flavor to any type of pork. It is also our best seller for salmon.

    • Use as a dry rub on ham, pork chops, pork tenderloin or even bacon!
    • Add to pulled pork
    • Delicious on salmon, shrimp, and vegetables
  2. Cajun cuisine originated from the Canadian French who migrated to Southern Louisiana and relied on the area's resources for their seasoning. Varied and flexible, this zesty rub can be used for just about anything, not just Cajun-style cooking.

    Use on meats, fish and rice.

  3. Our Prime Rub seasoning was developed specifically for prime rib. We love making prime rib at home but have always felt other seasonings were missing the flavor elements we wanted. What to do? Make a new spice blend! This seasoning uses gourmet Hawaiian Alaea sea salt for its unique flavor and appearance. We also use a variety of spices and herbs to complement, not cover, the flavor of the meat. Try this seasoning with other cuts of meat as well. You’ll love the flavor!
  4. Fun name aside, this is a fantastic beef roast seasoning. You can use it as a rub for roasts or as a sprinkle-on spice for any kind of beef—and it’s great on chicken, too.

    Create a marinade by adding 1 T. of No Bull Roast Rub to ¾ cup red wine, ¼ cup olive oil and fresh chopped onions (more of each if it’s a large roast). After marinating, rub the roast with this seasoning and cook until done.

  5. For really great ribs, you need two things: a fantastic seasoning and patience. Without spices, ribs are just low-grade meat. With the right blend of spices, ribs are a delicacy fit for kings.

    Rub our seasoning liberally on both sides of the ribs. If possible, let them sit overnight before cooking. Then, slow cook them. This is where your patience comes in. The slower, the better for fantastic, fall-off-the-bone, juicy, tasty meat that begs to be eaten.

  6. Bring great Jamaican flavor to chicken, pork or fish with this easy-to-use rub. Traditionally used to preserve meat, Jerk has gained center stage in Jamaican cuisine.

    To make a fantastic wet rub, combine 2 T. each of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, fresh lime juice and vegetable oil, rub the paste on the meat then marinate at least 4 hours. Smoke grilling is the traditional method of cooking, but your gas grill or oven will work well too.

  7. This unique blend of citrus, herbs and spices is fantastic—and it’s salt-free!

    It’s great on mild fish, such as walleye, sea bass, trout and cod, but it can be used on any fish you like.

    For great taste, brush both sides of fish with light olive oil and sprinkle liberally with Gone Fishin’. Then grill, bake or pan-fry and tell your guests all your best fish stories! If you’d like, add sesame seeds for a nutty flavor.

  8. Game Over! is the phrase men think of when they get in trouble with their wives for going hunting.

    This rub is great on anything you hunt—big game or small game—and is also tasty on chicken, steak and pork. Just shake on before, during or after cooking for outstanding flavor. To be on the safe side, we suggest you throw in a “Yes, Dear!”

  9. Chisholm Trail Rub has a flavor reminiscent of the Old West. The sweetness of brown sugar, the heat of three different hot peppers, and a tanginess that pulls all the flavors together. This seasoning was made for ribs and birds (that’s chicken, for you city slickers).

    Rub the spices liberally on the meat. If possible, let the meat sit for several hours (in your refrigerator) while the flavors penetrate the meat. Then grill or bake them to your liking.

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