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  1. Grilling Gift Set!

  2. Smokey bacon and tart Dijon mustard will delight the taste buds in this velvety spread.

  3. A perfect blend of raspberries and chipotle peppers, this smokey, sweet and spicy sauce makes meat, fish and fowl extraordinary!

  4. A tomato based BBQ sauce made with pure maple syrup harvested from some of Minnesota's own sugar maple trees.

  5. Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam
  6. A well-blended balance of chipotle, peppers, spices, cider vinegar and the zip of orange juice.

    This sauce is excellent on fish tacos, grilled chicken, shrimp skewers or garnish crab cakes. It adds a spicy kick to burgers, fries and sandwiches.

  7. This is the perfect balance of a wasabi kick and flavor.

    • Perfect for garnishing crab cakes or sushi
    • Use on salmon burgers or as a dip for shrimp
    • Great on a hamburger, grilled chicken and as a dip for broccoli
  8. Made with “Love That Olive” Aged Balsamic, this is our best-selling sauce! Use with sweet dishes like pancakes, ice cream, cheesecake and brownies. 

    • Warm this sauce and serve alongside grilled meats or fish
    • Try basting pork tenderloin with the balsamic sauce during the final few minutes of cooking.
    • Add a spoonful to your lemonade or iced tea for a gourmet touch!
    • Top brie or cream cheese with balsamic sauce for an impromptu appetizer; serve with sturdy crackers or celery sticks
  9. Sweet, Tangy and Smoky! This Kansas City inspired barbecue sauce is perfect for all your backyard (or deck) barbecue needs.

    • Mop it on baked pork chops
    • Great in baked beans
    • Drizzle on french fries
    • Brush on chicken
  10. Intensely spicy with its fruity, citrus like flavor, the habanero definitely makes this barbeque sauce sizzle.

    • Baste on barbeque beef, pork, chicken or shrimp

    *this one is hot!

  11. This barbecue sauce serves up a twist with the addition of real hickory smoked bacon in every bite.

    • Brush on hamburgers
    • Slather on pork spareribs
    • Add to short ribs in the crock pot
    • Could be used on chicken for an added flavor of bacon
  12. Smoldering chipotle peppers balance the sweet flavor of raspberries in this spirited barbeque sauce.
    • Glaze grilled jumbo prawns
    • Brush it on grilled peach halves
    • Brush it on ribs for a sweet and tangy sauce
    • Jazz up a plain hamburger
    • Pour over roasted chicken before serving
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