Spicy Mango Food Crayon


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The  Spicy Mango Crayon resembles mango chutney, boasting an alluring blend of sweet and salty flavors that harmoniously enhance a variety of dishes, including meals, salads, and desserts – reminiscent of a zesty fruit preserve.

Mango puree, apple cider vinegar, salt, Agar-agar, natural Mango flavour, water, gluten free tamari, brown sugar, curry, onion powder, locust bean gum, ginger powder.
Contains: Soy

The Spicy Mango Food Crayon is applied by sharpening shavings directly onto plates, desserts, or drinks when serving them. As the shavings come into contact with the food, they release the flavor, adding a fresh taste to the dishes.

Serving size
The suggested amount is 5 to 10 shavings per plate, depending on personal preference and the size of the dish. For smaller servings or drinks, 1 or 2 shavings should be enough.

Shelf Life and storage
The Spicy Mango Food Crayon has a shelf life of up to 12 months. To maintain its freshness and quality, it’s essential to store the crayon in its tube and keep it in the refrigerator once it’s been opened.

Grilled Chicken: The sweet and spicy notes of mango can complement the savory flavors of grilled chicken, creating a balanced and flavorful meal.

Shrimp Tacos: Spicy mango can add a tropical twist to shrimp tacos, providing a refreshing contrast to the seafood.

Coconut Rice: The creaminess of coconut rice can help mellow out the heat of the spicy mango, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

Avocado Salad: The rich and creamy texture of avocado can complement the spiciness of mango, creating a satisfying and refreshing salad.

Fresh Fruit Salad: Combine spicy mango shavings with other tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya, and kiwi for a vibrant and flavorful fruit salad.

Creamy Desserts: Spicy mango food crayon can be shave over creamy desserts like vanilla ice cream, panna cotta, or rice pudding for a delightful contrast of flavors.

Sushi Rolls: Spicy mango can be a delicious addition to sushi rolls, adding both a sweet and spicy element to your favorite sushi combinations.

Hot Dogs or Burgers: Add a twist to your classic hot dogs or burgers by topping them with spicy mango salsa for a burst of flavor.

Grilled Fish: The sweetness of mango can balance out the smoky flavors of grilled fish, creating a memorable and tasty dish.

Spring Rolls: Incorporate spicy mango shavings into fresh spring rolls for a burst of flavor and texture alongside vegetables and proteins.<span=”” lang=”EN-CA”><span=”” lang=”EN-CA”><br=””>