Mushroom Food Crayon


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Using the Mushroom Crayon is a fun and creative way to enhance the flavors of your dishes. Here’s how you can use it:

The Mushroom Crayon is made of porcini mushroom juice, apple cider vinegar, gluten-free tamari, natural porcini mushroom flavor, salt, Agar-agar, and locust bean gum.
It contains soy

The Mushroom Crayon can be used on various dishes such as cheese, risotto, and Asian cuisine. Simply sharpen the crayon to create shavings.

Serving size

Add 5 to 10 shavings of the Mushroom Crayon on each plate. If you have bite-sized servings or drinks, 1 or 2 shavings will be sufficient for each.

Shelf life and storage
The Mushroom Crayon can last up to 12 months. Once you open it, store it in the fridge, preferably in its tube, to maintain its freshness and quality.


Incorporating mushroom flavors into dishes like cheese, risotto, and Asian cuisine could potentially enhance their taste profiles and add an earthy and savory note.

Now you can get creative and enjoy the delicious umami taste of the Mushroom Crayon on your favorite dishes!